There's a primary election today in Wisconsin - just like in Minnesota.  However, there are some important parts of the process  in the Badger State election that some voters may have questions on.

Voter ID has been a hot-topic recently - especially in the State of Wisconsin.  The issue was just recently back in the news with a call to take back the requirement - leaving many people wondering how that could affect today's election.  The short answer is "yes" - you will need a proper form of identification to vote in today's primary.  However, if you obtained an absentee ballot earlier it is possible that you may have gotten that without the ID.

Another question that often comes up is where someone would vote.  The City of Superior has ten polling places - located throughout the metro.  If you're not sure which of the polling places you should show up at - click here.

Finally, some people get confused as to who or what they are voting for in a particular election.  Today's election in Superior is a partisan primary (you can't cross party lines) and the biggest offices on the ballot are for United States Senator.  There is also a contested race for District Attorney.  Click here for a sample ballot.