I  remember when I lived in Boston, the current Mayor (who was in jail at the time) won by a landslide. This post reminds me of him...sort of.

Five days after Elwin Clark died, residents of Terril, Iowa, gathered in small booths to pay tribute to him the best way they knew how — by electing him mayor.

The 67-year-old former city council member received 68 votes in the 300-person town last week, twice the vote total of the runner-up, a write-in candidate.

City Councilwoman Julie Thiesen made sure that didn’t stop him from finishing his campaign successfully.

“I told people that if they wanted to vote for Elwin, go ahead. It would be a neat way to honor him. He worked so hard as a city councilman,” she told the Sioux City Journal.

The Terril City Council must now find someone to take over the office. Among the required skills: a pulse.