David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen is up to his old tricks. He likes to talk, and he is doing a lot of that lately. As long as someone listens he will talk. About what? Anything, how much time you got?

Dave comes to the Fake Mustache studio to guest on Jay Mohr’s audio podcast. They discuss making music, touring, The Roth Show, and much more.

Mohr, who says his favorite band is Van Halen, actually gets David to divulge which Van Halen album is his all-time favorite.

I love Jay Mohr, he is funny and can run a good show.One thing he noticed about Dave's House is that there is virtually no furniture and the only thing hanging on the wall in the living room is a record award for the first Van Halen record.

David compliments Michael Anthony the old bass player on his performance skills, the new band he and Sammy Hagar are in, and that it might not have been fair to kick him out. Michael has said he thinks it was mostly due to the fact that Eddie wanted to play with his son. To quote David in an old interview, "What are you going to do, kick out Eddie's son, my last name is Roth, his is Van Halen, I think he would win considering the name of the band."

Click on the link and listen to Jay interview David Lee Roth.