New technology is out that could make you disappear. Scientists have been working on this for a while and I mentioned on the radio that they have made it come to fruition. Well, I watched the video and I'm not sure if it is real or if they are just using a screen to mask what is going on.

The video starts by showing a seemingly empty goldfish bowl with a screen in it. A stick is placed into the water and the tip disappears when it is moved behind the screen. A goldfish is then seen to appear from behind the cloak before swimming around and in front of it. The footage then shows a small black cat walk up to the cloak before partly disappearing behind it.  I'm thinking this could be a green screen trick.

According to the Guardian and Daily Mail UK, The new ‘invisibility cloak’ is modelled on designs created by Sir John Pendry at Imperial College London.

According to Guardian and Daily Mail,  In 2006 he demonstrated how people could use transformation optics to bend light around objects causing them to temporarily vanish. The first ‘invisibility cloaks’ he created relied on finely-structured materials that behave differently to glass and hide objects by bending light in different directions. However, he later also showed that ‘cloaks’ can be created from natural calcite crystals – he used this material to hide paperclips and pins.