YouTube has become a treasure trove of people trying to make it by covering a popular song. Here is another, but I found this one a little better than most. Ok, you are going to look at the artist and say, I know why Chris liked this one, but that is not the case here.

I will agree, she's not hard on the eyes and I like cleavage as much as the next guy. What I liked about this version is the originality and the fact that she can play and sing. Rather that just use the good looks and new bra to her advantage.

See what you think. The artist's name is Jess Greenberg. Her Facebook page doesn't have much about her career, any original songs, or about her in general. She works her looks a lot and has a lot of covers, but they are good covers.

You can see all of her covers on the facebook page, here's the one I like best.