Could Michael Jackson have a 31-year-old son? That's What Brandon Howard thinks, he says he has undeniable DNA proof linking him to his father, Michael Jackson.

Brandon is the son of Miki Howard, and R & B singer, whom Joe Jackson represented back in the 1980s. Sources say that Michael and Miki became an item and Brandon was born a short time later. The questions I have about the story are, why didn't Michael embrace this union with Miki and the baby. Michael always said he wanted a family. Was it pressure from Joe Jackson?

Brandon grew up in Cleveland and now lives in Miami. He's now a singer who goes by the name B Howard. He's got the voice, a little like Michael. He definitely can dance like him.

As for why B Howard is so sure he's MJ's son ... tmz sources say he somehow acquired DNA from an old orthodontic device worn by Michael ... it's unclear how he got hold of it, but we're told the test results show a match.

The results will be unveiled Thursday on