Initially billed the first true rival to the i Pad, the Kindle Fire sales now seem to have burnt out. According to the latest data, Fire shipments dropped from 4.8 million to less than 750,00 last quarter. The thrill is gone, the hype is over, the shine has worn off. The consumer has spoken. From a 16.8% share of the market to 4% share is just flat out ugly.

The Kindle Fire simply put is too small and too limited.  It cannot come close to the Apple i Pad  for example. Granted the i Pad 2 comes in at twice the price of the Fire, but it's proven it can do so much more. Quality is another issue. I own an i Pad, and the quality is there , believe me. I use it constantly here at the studio, and at home. The beating I give that thing should be unlawful, but it keeps on ticking. The Fire is fine if  it's main use will be reading books & magazines, but you can do better than that price-wise by purchasing one of the less expensive kindles.

Here's my suggestion. If you want something that will be useful in your life, whether business or personal, and something that will last,  get an i Pad 2 for $399.00. You can spend an additional $100 for the new i Pad, but it's not necessary. Take the money you've saved towards a Fire, spend a little more,  and get something that will provide you with years of enjoyment.. You'll thank me for it someday.