There's a good lesson here. Always read your bill and make sure you know what you are paying for. This wasn't the case, though, for this New England woman. She was at the mercy of a verbal agreement form a previous house owner.

The person that owned the house before Grace Edwards had made a verbal agreement that they would pay for the lights for the lifetime of the home. Well, when the home sold, Grace was then charged for the agreement. It wasn't on the bill, at least not itemized.

So according to Fox News She went after the electric company to get that money back.

Grace Edwards, of Cheshire, told the Hartford Courant she found the billing error after a potential buyer for the Sir Walter Drive home asked for a detailed history of utility charges. The overcharges amounted to roughly $20 each month.

Connecticut Light & Power, which initially refused to reimburse Edwards, said a developer who previously owned the home had agreed to pay for the lights. Edwards received a check for $10,491 — $5,800 of which she paid for the electricity, the remainder was interest — and an apology last week from the utility company after the state's Office of Consumer Counsel got involved

She told the company she wasn't going to pay anymore and wanted the money back, she says the company was rude to her and refused the money, until they noticed she couldn't have caught the error. She also said she learned the steps to take to get her money back from a similar story from last year.

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