Well,that didn't last long.  To show their holiday/winter spirit - and raise money for Arctic Polar Bears, the Coca Cola company changed the color of regular Coke cans to white last month.  Apparently consumers weren't amused.

The Coca-Cola Co. told ABC News today that it would be following up last month’s release of its white, holiday “Arctic Home” cans adorned with polar bears with a “limited-edition” red version. The Arctic Home campaign will run through March 2012.

Part of the backlash against the cans came from confused shoppers who couldn't differentiate "regular" Coke from "diet" Coke.

Some consumers told ABC News today that although they liked the message behind the redesign, they mixed up the white can with Diet Coke.

“We were confused and did think it was diet at first,” Lucie Kamuda McHan commented on Facebook. “I understand why they are doing it, but they still could have kept them red and just painted white polar bears on them. I like the red ones better.”

“I purchased three six-packs because I thought they were diet,” Gail O’Donnell of Danvers, Mass., told ABC News via email. “I drank one and wondered why it tasted so good. I didn’t look at the can. … I am a diabetic and can only drink diet sodas. … They need to make it so it is not confused.”

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that the Coca Cola has taken heat for changing it's venerable soft drink.  1985 called;  They want their New Coke back.