Everyone has noticed the pile of snow in front of their homes, businesses and bus areas, here is the schedule released by the City of Duluth for Snow clean up. Please pay attention to your area and help by moving your car.

The City of Duluth will begin removing snow in the downtown area beginning at 2:00 AM Tuesday, February 19th. The City asks motorist to be observant of "No Parking" signs posted between the hours of 8:00-4:30 PM each day. All cars parked in the snow removal areas during the indicated times will be ticketed and towed.

Snow removal schedule: (subject to change if we get snow)


· Superior Street from 6th Avenue West to 8th Avenue East: February 19

· Michigan Street from 6th Avenue West to 4th Avenue East: February 19

· 4th Street from Mesaba Avenue to 26th Avenue East: February 19

· 1st Street from Mesaba to 12th Avenue East: February 20

Canal Park Area

February 20

West Duluth Business District

February 21

Lincoln Park Business District

February 21