Eight Six year old Chuck Berry, in Cleveland recently to accept the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame's American Masters Award, discussed several things with journalists. Perhaps the most important was his health.

According to Rolling Stone, he was wearing a captain's hat and his Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame varsity jacket, Chuck asked his interviewer to explain his questions more thoroughly because as he put it " I'm hearing very little, and I'm wondering about my future."

When asked to expand on that comment Berry said "I can't give you a song, my singing days have passed. My voice is gone, my throat is worn, and my lungs are going fast. I think that explains it."

Kevin C. Johnson, a writer for the St. Louis-Dispatch mentioned that folks still pay to see  Berry monthly at St. Louis Blueberry Hill. Berry responded by saying "Those folks are having a great time from memory, and I hope I can continue to enhance their memory because it look very dim, like I said, you know."