I am probably one of the least guy guys that you will ever meet. I love fashion, and reading about it. I grew up with girls in the neighborhood and played Barbies with them. I had a Batman, Robin, Kung Fu Jim, and Steve Austin.

All my "action figures" were the boyfriends of all the girl's Barbies. Some say I was smart to do that in order to spend time with girls.

I also like some sappy movies that people would classify as "chick flicks", but I don't care.

Here are my favorite 5 movies, in no order:

The Crow- First of all the trailer does nothing for what the movie really is. Eric and his Fiance are killed, one year later he comes back and avenges their deaths. It's kind of violent, but I like the love story that's in it.

Stealing Home-This movie always reminds me of my friend Lynn. We've always had a great friendship. Never a love story like this, but I feel very close to her and this movie reminds me of her. Katie dies and Billy has been named in the will to spread her ashes. Where does he put them, he has to re live his life with her to know.

Purple Rain-This movie is what made me want to do music. I was inspired that a man from Minnesota could do what he did and be good at it. Funny how when you see a trailer, it's never captures the whole movie right. Prince is an up an comer in this movie and discovers he's in love with a woman who is also his competition. He finally realizes he is like his dad and he doesn't want to be. He know what is important and steps up to win his love back, and conquer with his music.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn-I was sick and home from work and this movie was on. I immediately fell in love with the movie and how simple life was. A little girl grows up in poverty with a mother who seeks reality, and an alcoholic father who dreams big. James Dunn won an Oscar for this performance.

It's A Wonderful Life-This is my most favorite movie. I have watched it many times since I can remember, I also have some collectors items from the movie. A man wishes he never lived, and gets that wish and gets to see what the world would be like without him.