To me - he'll always be my dad's classmate and my high school World History teacher.  But to many, Bob McDonald is Minnesota's basketball coach with the most wins - 994 to be exact.  This week, McDonald announced that he will step down at the end of this upcoming basketball season.

McDonald was born and raised in Chisholm.  After graduation, he went into teaching and coaching.  His career started McGregor and Barnum.  In 1961 he returned to his hometown to build a legacy of basketball that will never be matched.

The highlights:  State basketball championships.  The aforementioned 994 wins.  Inducted into the Minnesota State High School Leagues Hall of Fame.

McDonald built his teams the hard way;For decades, he gave up his Saturday mornings to coach and mentor young kids in a basketball program at the gym.  Those kids would meet Mr. McDonald again when they got to high school and he became Coach McDonald to them.

Bob McDonald's approach to coaching and life was steadfast:  You wore a crew cut, dressed in a shirt and a tie to games, always had a hat on your head in the winter, and you were home by curfew.  He randomly called to make sure.

More than likely, with only 6 wins to go - McDonald will attain the 1,000 win mark at some point in this season.  And while I never played for Bob, I've always had the utmost of respect for him.  How could I not?  He went to school with my dad!