20 Mistakes To Avoid During the Winter Season
Although we're not yet in the depths of winter, now is a good time to examine things we definitely do not want to do, courtesy of the Weather.Com After reading the article, I picked up a couple "don't" things I've been doing. Maybe you will too...
Interesting Weather Stats On Men and Weather
With the cold and snowy weather upon us, I've found some interesting statistics about men and weather. According to an article in Mens Health, one in seven men would choose the ability to control the weather over any other superpower.
Ice Forming on Lake Superior Weeks Ahead of Schedule
Waking up to temperatures near zero degrees this morning made it feel a lot more like January than mid-November. Beside making us all dream of warmer weather, those unseasonably cold temperatures are leading to abnormally early ice on the greatest of the Great Lakes as well.

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