Rayman Buys a Fitness Band
Lately, I've given a lot of thought to health. After a recent visit to my doc, he suggested loosing fifteen pounds would put me at the perfect weight. I've also been reading about a fitness band. I like the fact it can tell me how many steps I've taken, miles walked etc. The problem i…
Phillips Gives COPD Patients a Lifeline That Could Save Their Lives
Over the past couple years, I've had several r&r and personal friends diagnosed with COPD, for which there is no cure. COPD is America's third largest killer, along with cancer and heart disease. Now, Phillips has developed a system that monitors the critical areas of the patient b…
The Great Washer Debate: Are Front-Loaders Really Better?
To me, a clothes washer is a clothes washer. The only things I care about is: does it get the clothes clean, and how long will it last? Our happens to be a front loader. I would prefer a top loader for ease of use, but my wife prefers he front.

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