The Sound and Vibration that Could Save Your Life
If you're like me, you get a slew of messages, emails, and voice mails on your phone daily. It got so bad for me that over time, I tended not to pay much attention, even ignore them. That's not a good thing because you could be ignoring an emergency.
It Might be Time to Dump These Older Tech Choices
Some people seem to always buy the latest technology item the day it goes on sale to the public. Others tend to shy away from technology, perfectly happy to keep what they've had for many years. I know people who still use a typewriter and rolodex!
Do Super Bowl Ads Really Work?
I was never the type to really flip over the ads in the Super Bowl, in fact, I think some of them are stupid. Like most people, I felt even though it cost companies tons of money to advertise, they got it back in the long run. I was wrong.

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