Kiss Gaming App Now Available
Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have more Kiss on your mobile device, but in ways having less to do with music and more to do with destroying a demon invasion that threatens the world? Well, now there's an app for that.
Here’s a Little Known Way To Save Money on Amazon
If you are an Amazon shopper, has this ever happened to You? Let's say you order an item and pay for it. A few days later while perusing the Amazon site, you see the same item you ordered at a reduced price. Do You feel duped, tempted to return your order?
Is Your New Sony Playstation Defective?
If you have a new Sony PlayStation and it's not working properly, or you're considering buying the new one that went on sale last week, ...wait.
Hundreds of early PlayStation buyers are having issues already. Some don't work at all right out of the box, and many owners report their Pla…
FAA Says Yes To Using Devices On Planes, Flights May Offer Wi-Fi
The Federal Aviation Administration has loosened their rules and have now said travelers on planes can use their devices. Now you can watch videos, play games on your pad and listen to your mp3 player. But don't expect to be chatting on your cell phone. A ban on using cell phones for voice comm…

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