Free VHS Giveaway At UMD
Get 'em while you can and watch 'em while you can still find a VHS deck.  The Kathryn A. Martin Library on the campus of the University of Minnesota-Duluth is emptying their video cassette holdings.
Rayman Has Big Trouble With New Coffeemaker
Aah, I just finished a great cup of coffee, but things didn't start out that way. My old coffeemaker broke. The top just fell off, making pouring the coffee awkward and even slightly dangerous. I decided I'd better get a new one because I could scaled myself with the old one. Since it made the best …
What Will You Look Like Thirty Years from Now? [GALLERY]
Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on products designed to make themselves look great. In addition to the facial creme, makeup, wrinkle removers etc., we spend millions more on plastic surgery to make us look younger.Let's face it, we all want to look great, younger is even better.
Why Does My House Make Loud Cracking Noises in the Cold Weather?
With the bitterly cold temperatures we've had here recently, did you ever wonder why your house makes cracking or bumping noises during a cold snap? According to the Toronto Home Guide, extreme changes in weather temperature can cause shrinking in all exposed building materials.
Hackers Steal Credit Card Info From 40 Million Target Customers
Approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts used by Target customers may have been impacted by a major data breach, the retailer said Thursday. Customer names along with credit and debit card numbers may have been accessed, as well as the expiration date and three-digit security code on …

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