Actress Patty Duke to Speak on Mental Illness in Duluth
Actress Patty Duke shares her struggle with mental illness, and her recovery, in Duluth May 29th. "An evening With Patty Duke" kicks off with a social hour at 6 p.m. in the Great lakes Ballroom of the Duluth Holiday Inn. Although admission is free, however pre-registration is requi…
Astronomy Day this Saturday May 10th at U.M.D.
If you're into astronomy, or would like to learn, you won't want to miss  Astronomy Day this Saturday at U.M.D. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You will see a scale model of the solar system, dark sky shows, and there are even workshops.
Why Do Poor People Smoke More?
Even though people are smoking less, a new report shows that poor people are smoking more than ever. A logical question is "if they are poor, where do they get money to smoke?" The answer is alarming. According to an article in CNN, cigarette manufacturers have lowered the price of smokes …
Severe Winter Could Delay the Twin Ports Shipping Opener
Shipping on the Great Lakes, mainly, the Twin Ports, has been down of late. The main reason of course has been the lack of demand due to the recession, and now the severe winter weather we've just experienced, threatens to delay the start of Twin Ports shipping
Some People Just Don’t React To Music
When I first read the headline in The Verge, I thought it might be a joke. But, it's not. For someone like myself, it was hard to believe that there are people that actually have no response to any type of music, be it Symphony, Blues, Country, Pop, R&R or even Gospel.
Why Does My House Make Loud Cracking Noises in the Cold Weather?
With the bitterly cold temperatures we've had here recently, did you ever wonder why your house makes cracking or bumping noises during a cold snap? According to the Toronto Home Guide, extreme changes in weather temperature can cause shrinking in all exposed building materials.

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