Why Do Guys Exaggerate Their Height?
Interesting article I read in Mens Health Magazine about how guys tend to fib a bit when it comes to revealing their height. I can't say I blame them. I blame it on today's culture.
The Worst Place to Pick Up a Cold Virus at Work and How to Prevent It
It's that time of the year again when cold and flu viruses hit. Viruses spread like wildfire in an average office, getting from people’s hands onto the communal coffeepot within hours and spreading from doors to desks almost instantly, an expert reported Monday, according to an article in…
What’s Your Guess on Weather This Winter?
It looks like an early fall, at least around my home, and that led me to wonder about the approaching winter season. I spoke with  a meterologist, and asked. The response was basically it's a fight between El Nino and El Nina. Whoever wins, determines the winter weather.

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