Eric Clapton, ‘Looking at the Rain’ – Song Review
We're coming up on the Dec. 18 release date of the 35th Anniversary Edition of Eric Clapton's 1977 album, 'Slowhand.' There are five configurations to choose from, depending on how much you love the album; however, all of them feature four previously unreleased songs. One of them…
Aerosmith, ‘What Could Have Been Love’ – Song Review
If you want more guitars, more ‘Legendary Child,’ more of the much-hyped Jack Douglas sound of Aerosmith‘s rockin’ ’70s, then their new single is not going to satisfy. You might be better off checking out the band’s other new song, ‘Lover Alot,’ instead.
‘What Could Have Been Love’ is the AC radio hi…
Aerosmith Unfold Their Wings at Cleveland Concert
Throughout most of Aerosmith‘s concert in Cleveland, Ohio Tuesday night (June 19), a single square panel of the circular video screen above the band refused to fall in line with the rest of the display, broadcasting random colors instead of say, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry in action.
Touch Of Grey, Grateful Dead, Rayman’s Song of the Day[VIDEO]
I'll take you back to the early seventies with the  Grateful Dead. Hundreds attended a free concert held at Winterland in San Francisco. Among other things free apple juice was handed out. Unfortunately the juice had been spiked with LSD. Most had good trips, fifty or so didn't and we…
Joe Walsh, ‘Lucky That Way’ – Song Review
Joe Walsh has been a good friend to country music over the last five years, frequently appearing on tracks from artists like Kenny Chesney and Kix Brooks, and jamming with Brad Paisley at award ceremonies. Now Nashville is returning the favor, helping Walsh cut his first country single.
Kaspersky Finds “Chrome” The Safest Browser
Internet security is on everyones mind lately, as well it should be. With cyber crimes at an all time high, your security software along with your browser can go a long way in minimizing your chances of attack.  I've used Kaspersky for for a couple years now, and Chrome for over a year...

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