Lynyrd Skynyrd to Rock Vegas With a Barbecue Restaurant
Rayman never was much of a gambler, but I do like the shows in Vegas. This is a must see in my book. Heck, I'm ready to leave right now..anybody care to join me?
Lynyrd Skynyrd is bringing the power of southern rock and also Texas barbecue to the Vegas strip with their Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ &am…
5 iPhone Apps For Dad This Father’s Day
If Paparoni has an i-Phone, get one or all. He will use them. I have all five, use them all.
Just a reminder that this Sunday is Father’s day – don’t worry it’s only Monday, you still have time to get him something. And while we can go the usual a…
Playboy Archives Coming To iPad Tomorrow
Not a reader of Playboy over the past several years, but I would imagine if Playboy is in the same class as Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Life, or The Daily, it should be fantastic.
If you’ve been waiting for those Playboy archives ever since we heard about them in January, the …
Be Unique, Try a Chocolate Zombie Bunny
Who wants gummy bears, and Reese's when you can be unique and have a "Zombie"?
Once again, the great minds at Think Geek have come up with an April Fool’s product so profoundly awesoweird that it just had to become real.
Got Pain? Swearing Can Help
I have been known to let a few  f***n expletives fly from time to time when I'm p***sed off.  It  makes me feel better, and that's what it's all about, right?
If you’re in pain and you don’t have any aspirin or ibuprofen close by – d…
The Bra That Delivers
Promises more often that not turn into disappointment. Every gal wants to look her best, and I've finally found a bra that delivers what it promises. No disappointments here girls.
America’s Meanest Airlines
Pretty thorough article showing the best and the worst in the airline industry. Take a scan through and see if  the airline you use is included.
Four of the major U.S. carriers made its list of the “18 Worst Companies in America.” The year also saw PR nightmares for the industry, including discrimina…
America’s Hatred Of Sarah Palin Reaches Historic Heights
It's starting already isn't it. We'll soon be bombarded with news of this person and that person all  running to be the one. I don't know much about Sarah Palin. In fact, I don't know much about any of the cadidates, except former Governor Pawlenty who has been on the air with me from time to time. …
Upgrade Your Life: Amazing Free Software
Being a tech nerd, I am the guy every one calls to search for stuff.  So I came to a great article on getting free stuff.  Free downloads to help your computer. Some of the downloads will help you save money for students.
Thin Toilet Paper Chaps My Behind
Alright, This has been bothering me for some time and I finally have to speak up. I was driving home from my in-laws about a week ago. I had to stop to......let's say do a job....with out being graphic. When it came time for me to finish...I used the thinist toilet paper in the world. I coul…
Does This Mean You’ll See Me Naked?
Short stories for those who want a laugh before bedtime. Well worth ten bucks.
Surprisingly enough, funeral directors hear some pretty crazy stuff on the job — as evidenced by Does This Mean You'll See Me Naked? ($10). A collection of stories from a man who's been in the business since the '70s, this…
Songs For Japan Released
Looking for a great way to contribute some money to help all the people in Japan ? A new album called "Songs For Japan" was released yesterday with music from many different artists with all the proceeds going to help aid in Japan. Read on for the details and song list.

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