George H.W. Bush Impersonates Dana Carvey Impersonating Him
During a videotaped message delivered during last night’s Republican National Convention, both former Bush presidents expressed support for Mitt Romney. But the most surreal moment came when the elder Bush recalled comedian Dana Carvey’s well-known impersonation of hi…
Hank Williams Jr. Bashes President Obama Again
Everybody has an opinion, and they have a right to speak their mind. I have always had a personal belief that politics and music don't mix, however Hank might have other beliefs..and that's cool.
Cantankerous country music legend Hank Williams Jr. took another shot at President Obama while performi…
Obama Sues To Prevent Military Voting
In direct contrast to the Obama administrations usual fight to ease voting restrictions and barriers, a lawsuit has been filed to block a measure to extend early military voting for Ohio residents.
The action brought quick responses from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and as many as 15 military gr…
President Obama’s Former Pastor Continues Tirade
President Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered a sermon just two miles from the White House. The Daily reports that Wright was particularly critical of African-Americans educated in and shaped by white America.

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