Hey Mark..Gimme A Drag [Video]
Ya know, I guess if you need a couple quick drags, the place to light up is probably in the closet , restroom, your car..places like that. Anybody know how to get the yellow stains off my fingers?
Effort To Recall Wis. Gov. Walker Starts Nov. 15
Being married to a school teacher in Wisconsin who quit teaching rather than fall under Gov. Walker's knife, coupled with my involvent in politics in Wisconsin over the last nine years, puts me a unique position.  Local and state governments nationwide wrestle with the budget on a yearly b…
Dwarfs Better Off Tossed Than Jobless, Florida Republican Says
I never heard of "dwarf tossing" have you? Oh yeah, here it is...right next to "politician tossing".
Jobless dwarfs should have the option of being flung around a barroom for cash rather than standing in the unemployment line, according to one Florida state lawmake…
Obama Says No French Fries For You; Olive Garden Agrees
You know - you work hard.  You go to a restaurant.  "Order anything you want".  Sure - why not;  You're paying for it - right?
Not at Olive Garden.
Following the edict handed down from the Obama administration, the Olive Garden has become the first restaurant…
Arizona Now Charges People $25 to Visit Prison Inmates
New legislation in Arizona allows the state’s Department of Corrections to impose a one-time “background check fee” of $25 on adults wishing to visit inmates at any of its 15 facilities.
Needless to say, families and prisoner advocacy groups are not happy, …
11 Year Old Girl Fined For Saving A Woodpecker
Criminalizing an 11 year old for saving a woodpecker from a cat?  C'mon....
An 11-year-old Virginia girl trying to rescue a baby woodpecker instead earned her mother a $535 fine when it turned out the bird was a protected species.
Skylar Capo saved the bird from the clutches of a cat which w…

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