New Viking Stadium, How About New Viking Homeless Shelter?
Two lawmakers in Florida have looked over the books and found a loophole to help themselves and help homeless people. If it catches on, we may have a new public stadium, and a new homeless shelter.
The law makes sense, and the way they are reading it makes sense, but will the law pass...
Dead Man Wins Election
I  remember when I lived in Boston, the current Mayor (who was in jail at the time) won by a landslide. This post reminds me of him...sort of.
Five days after Elwin Clark died, residents of Terril, Iowa, gathered in small booths to pay tribute to him the best way they knew how — by electin…
Abortion Ban Conceivable In Mississippi
Today's vote could well determine a change in the works nationwide. Some say, even if the vote is a  "no" today, it's only a matter of time before it succeeds.
Mississippi voters will go to the polls today on a controversial “personhood amendment,&Clos…
High Inflation At White House
It's always fun for me to see whats going on in the White House. Now if he could only make the debt disappear...that would really be magic!
White House insiders are often accused of “living in a bubble” — but this is ridiculous.
First Lady Michelle Obama watches a man vanish inside a giant red balloon…
George W.’s Poison Scare
Very few of us average American people ever get a glimpse of what really goes on in the life of the President. After reading this post, would you really want to be president...even for a day?
Just after 9/11, during a trip to China with President George W...
Cain: I Was ‘Falsely Accused’ Of Sexual Harassment [Video]
Welcome to Big Boy Politics Hermanator!
GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain repeated that he has "never sexually harassed anyone," adding that he believes he is the victim of a "witch hunt."
Cain addressed questions about a Politico report that said he was twice accused of "s…

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