Lake Nebagamon Hit Hard by Storm [GALLERY]
Around 1:45 a.m. this morning I awoke to the sound not unlike that of a train heading directly towards our home. I looked out the window to see debris flying through the air, and heavy rain. It lasted about ten to fifteen minutes, then started to quiet down, so I went back to bed.
Lake Nebagamon Car Show a Classic Hit [GALLERY]
I was a great day in Lake Nebagamon on Saturday due largely to the Annual Lake Nebagamon Car Show. With over 100 cars, vendors, great food and a cooperative weatherman, attendance was great.  Along with the car show, we had many boaters on the lake, plenty of overnight campers in our parks, and…
Four Days, The Historical Record of the Death of President Kennedy
I got home later than usual last night, and to my surprise, my brother-in-law Father Rick  (or as I call him, my brother in law the priest) sent us a box full of books from England. Rick has been a priest in England for many years, and often sends us goodie packages. He knows of my interest in …
Guess What Was Sighted in Lakeside Wisconsin?
My daughter and son-in-law took our grandson Gus to Lake Superior a couple days ago. Coming back on Beck's Road in the town of Lakeside by highway 13, they saw what they thought were deer. Slowing down and getting closer, they discovered they were llamas...

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