NFL Play Of The Year Goes To The Green Bay Packers
This year was a crazy up and down year for packer fans as the team was expected to be in the Super Bowl and ended the season chasing for just a spot in the play offs. But we were not disappointed in the excitement of the games played.
See What These Kids Have To Say To Viking Kicker Blair Walsh
Sometimes kids learn what they hear and you always hear parents say, I don't like to cuss around my kids because I don't want them to pick it up. With the "Kick Heard Around The League", the one that got away from Minnesota Viking Kicker Blair Walsh this last Sunday, people have been mean …
What Did Viking Kicker Blair Walsh Do After The Missed Kick
Those of you that blame holder Jeff Locke for the kick that Blair Walsh missed today. Keep these things in mind. First, Blair Walsh scored all the points the Vikings had. Second, Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball twice. Third, had they stopped that Russell Wilson when the ball was snapped behind him,…

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