Get Your Wisconsin Vehicle Tabs With A Vending Machine? [VIDEO]
Being from Minnesota and having stood in lines at the DMV, I couldn't believe my eyes.  While visiting my sister who lives in the state of Wisconsin I ran across the Wisconsin E-Z Tab machine at a grocery store.  Wait, what....a vending machine that gives you your license tabs?  Wow, that makes life…
5 Things You Might Not Know Are Made From Recycled Plastic
While I was emceeing the Northland Community Wellness Day my table was directly across from the Lake Superior College's Dental Hygiene program and they were handing out toothbrushes.  The toothbrushes were made from 100% recycled plastic, like yogurt cups.  How cool is that?
Minnesota Twins Announce 2017 Schedule Of Theme Nights
Even I've been to a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field! As the resident non-sports fan in the building, I usually have no reference point to any game-related talk that goes on.  But - in an effort to make someone happy a few years ago, I rode along and attended a game in the Twin Cities.  And whil…

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