Bush’s Baked Beans Recall Details
Here's news you probably didn't want:  One of your summertime staples has being voluntarily recalled.  Officials with Bush's Baked Beans are voluntarily recalling 28 ounce cans of some of their most-popular varieties due to potentially defective side seams.
Do You Experience Road Rage? Take A Quiz And Be Honest
I wish I had this quiz printed to hand to the person that I was following over the Blatnik bridge on Monday.  He was tailgating, driving erratically and the two drivers in front of him weren't having it.  They pretty much blocked him so he couldn't get past either of them, it was…
Which Does Your Family Prefer, Catalina Or Western Dressing?
My husband started a garden last year and this year we're reaping bountiful lettuce sooner than expected.  We were going to a friend's house for a barbecue and we proudly brought a giant bowl of garden lettuce laced with fresh veggies.  While in the grocery store choosing dressing we got into the co…
Review Of HooDoo Point Campground In Tower, MN
I recently officiated a wedding at Fortune Bay Casino. That's about 2 hours from our home in Duluth, so we decided to stay at a campground nearby and chose the HooDoo Point Campground.  We had driven through it the year before and liked the sites right on the lake. After staying there for …
You’re Not Cleaning Enough Lint From Your Clothes Dryer
A recent fix-it project made me question the thoroughness of a task that I performed on a regular basis - and I want to share my experience so that you can learn from it like I did.  At best, you have efficiency to gain;  at the worst, you could save your life!
Has Your Child Ever Experienced Night Terror?
My daughter is 23 and as far as I know, she never experienced night terror.  Like most children, she had her share of bad dreams now and then, but nothing that caused us concern.  A Facebook friend, Anna brought night terror to my attention because she is asking if others have experienced …

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