The Good And Bad Of Men In Rompers, Do You Agree?
Ok, where to start.  First, I personally am not a fan of rompers on my own body, they can be uncomfortable and if you have to go to the bathroom one side of said romper will  inevitably end up laying in a pool of God only knows what on the public restroom floor.  There's good and…
How Are Shoes So Sacred They Have To Be Retrieved From A Backroom?
My sister and I were shopping at a mall in Wausau, WI when we started looking at shoes (imagine that) in one of the mall’s anchor stores.  We both found a few pairs that we wanted to try on, but there was only one girl working the shoe department, meaning getting shoes and working the register to ch…
Crayola’s New Blue Crayon Needs To Be Named, Got Any Ideas?
Crayola Crayons were a staple at our house while my daughter was growing up.  She's 23 now and I still have several boxes in the craft room waiting for when there's little ones in the house again.  I guess I never really paid attention to what the color names were until they decided to retire one, D…
Duluth Offers Free Ultimate Frisbee Skill And Game Sessions
Here's a great way  to learn about a trendy sport that costs little to nothing and offers ways for social interaction for all ages.  Ultimate Frisbee has become really popular over the last few years;  many find the low-key team sport an excellent way to socialize.

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