What Happened To “Chunk” Of Goonies
People always wonder, what would have been. I love people that chase a dream. Here are some stories of people who weren't happy doing something they were good at or making money at and became something else. Changed their life by changing their career.
Make Visiting A Dentist A Priority This Year
I am a dentist "regular", every six months like clockwork.  My amazing hygienist, Elizabeth makes my next six month appointment while I'm still there, so there isn't any chance of me becoming TOO busy to make my next appointment.  I know a lot of people that say…
Northland Christmas Traditions By Heritage
The Northland is a melting pot of cultures, all celebrating the Christmas holiday honoring their heritage.  It's interesting what each culture believes and how they celebrate.  One this is for sure, we all experience the hustle and bustle of the holidays and anticipate time with family and friends. …
Today’s Food Choices Made Hosting A Football Party Interesting
My husband Homie had finally finished his man cave and wanted to christen it with a football party.  He chose the Viking/Packer game.  Every year (that I don't work) we host a Super Bowl party and serve egg rolls and puncit (a Filipino dish made with noodles, veggies and chicken broth…

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