4 Fun Ways to Get Around Canal Park in Duluth
There is a lot to see when you visit Canal Park in Duluth, MN.  Whether you are a local or someone who is visiting from out of town you can choose a variety of ways to get around and ensure you see all there is to offer and most modes of transportation add FUN to the equation.
Are They Really Going To Stop Making Dr. Pepper?
I'm a skeptic.  I don't believe much of anything I hear from other people;  It usually takes me personally consuming the story from a valid news source before I attach any validity to it.  So even though I knew that it had to be a viral rumor, I was surprised over the weekend to hear three different…
My Rummage Sale Purchase Could Have Killed Me
Recently I was rummage sale(ing) in Anoka and bought the huge dish pictured above. My plan was to use it to serve my Filipino noodle dish called Pancit, it would have been perfect. WOULD have been in the key word. It wasn’t until I got home and flipped it over to put it in the dishwa…
It’s A Sidewalk So Get Your Bike off the Side Walk
With this great weather people are out on their bikes. I was heading home and I was about to turn left, I also see a bike coming up pedaling down the sidewalk and simply breezes through the intersection causing vehicles turning left to make an abrupt stop almost causing an accident.
Should Mother’s Day Be Spent with Kids or Away from Them?
Since I was a single mom due to divorce when my daughter Kylee was very young, Mother's Day has always been my day to spend with her.  Never thought of it any differently.  However, after talking with some full-time moms, I got the sense that they would like the "day"…

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