Should There Be A Dress Code For Teachers Too
With crime up in schools and bullying issues at the forefront of school discussion, dress codes are being thrust upon students across America. Some school districts are now imposing dress codes on their teachers as well.
Are You Frugal? I Sew Monkeys.
I'm not totally frugal about everything, but for some reason I felt the need to start saving the dog toy monkeys that Bauer the Schnauzer has chewed holes in.  After 8 monkeys, a hedge hog and the worm started taking up too much space in the craft room, I decided it was time to open the se…
Traffic Advisory For Mayor’s Pride Reception Today
The Duluth Superior Pride Festival will be held this weekend at the Bayfront Festival Park.  It's the 30th anniversary of the family friendly event that promises games, activities, entertainment and superb musical acts.  The Mayor's reception is today and traffic will be affected…
How Does The Mystic Tan Machine Work?
Ok, I'm really putting myself out there, out of my bubble and feeling exposed.  But since I started talking about AJ's Tanning and airbrush tanning with Dawn and the Mystic Tanning Machine, I've had lots of questions.  So, while this was out of my comfort zone, I decided to …
How Do They Check Float Planes For Invasive Species, Or Do They
Recently we were inspected for invasive species while putting our kayaks and my daughters Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) in Pike Lake.  This had previously happened with our fishing boat, but was surprised to find that they also checked kayaks.  Something caught our eye on the lake that raise…
What Does Urban Dictionary Say About Duluth / Superior?
Urban Dictionary is a website that is set up so anyone can submit definitions for words or phrases. The site is known for... let's just say 'creative' definitions. I wanted to see what the definitions were for Duluth and Superior.

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