The Next New Trend, Tattooed Eyeballs
Is this the next new trend, tattooed eyeballs?  While I was at Lake Effect Vapor's grand opening I met a man named Patrick, CEO of Eyedenity Eliquid and a vendor that was at my live broadcast.  When you first meet Patrick you immediately notice something different about him.  Besides his outgoing pe…
This Weeks Must-See Instagram Posts From Duluth-Superior
If National Geographic invented the concept of seeing the world around us via a camera, Instagram has taken up the lens for the modern era.  Instagram has become the virtual photo album of the interesting world around us.  And as more people post their images to this social media site - we…
Should There Be A Dress Code For Teachers Too
With crime up in schools and bullying issues at the forefront of school discussion, dress codes are being thrust upon students across America. Some school districts are now imposing dress codes on their teachers as well.

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