Yet Another Scam Hits Wisconsin Residents
It just goes on and on doesn't it? According to a posting in, state consumer officials are warning residents about a new phone scam, this time using the BadgerCare Plus health care program.
Woman Stabs Hubby for Watching Too Much Nascar [VIDEO]
Nascar fans are very loyal to the sport. They attend as many Nascar events as possible, watch, read, and listen to Nascar. I know because I'm one of them. Sometimes though, their other half isn't too happy about their mates Nascar habit.
Utility Services Scam Alert For Wisconsin Residents
It seems more and more scams are appearing as of late. First it was the elderly who were most targeted, however it appears everyone is fair game. According to a post on, Wisconsin regulators are sending out a warning about an email scam that appears to be a utility bill.
Parents: Dangerous New Trend On Youtube, Snorting Smarties
Parents across the country are being warned that their children could succumb to horrifying infestations of nasal maggots worming in their noses, internal bleeding and lung infections if they continue snorting Smarties candies. Where are they learning it, You Tube.
Hackers Steal Credit Card Info From 40 Million Target Customers
Approximately 40 million credit and debit card accounts used by Target customers may have been impacted by a major data breach, the retailer said Thursday. Customer names along with credit and debit card numbers may have been accessed, as well as the expiration date and three-digit security code on …

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