I think I would skip the opening ceremony too. Sometimes there is too much show and not enough sport. London should hire the Super Bowl people, they can get dancers, stages and bands in and out it 15 minuets.

What's an Olympic Opening Ceremony without Olympic athletes? We may find that out in London next year, as several high-profile British athletes are contemplating boycotting the Opening Ceremony.

Coaches have already banned the entire British track and field squad from taking part in the London 2012 ceremony, even though they will not be competing until at least a week later. Britain's swimming team is likely to follow suit.

It means spectators who have paid as much as $3,280 for a ticket will almost certainly be deprived of seeing big names such as the heptathlete Jessica Ennis, the swimmer Rebecca Adlington and the teenage diver Tom Daley parade through the Olympic stadium, The Sunday (London) Times reported.

Phillips Idowu, the triple jumper, will also skip the event, while doubts remain over the attendance of Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton, the Olympic cycling champions.

The problem? Staging for the Opening Ceremony can take up to eight hours. For much of it, the athletes are standing and walking. It's common practice for athletes who are competing soon after the ceremony to skip it, but the time spent on the ceremony is discouraging all athletes to participate.

via British athletes may skip London Opening Ceremony - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics Blog - Yahoo! Sports.