Bob Seger is expected back on the charts with a new single release early next week that should sound familiar;  Seger is releasing his "cover" version of Rod Stewart's "Downtown Train".

But, the story doesn't start or end there.

Back in the late 1980's, Bob Seger originally recorded the Tom Waits-penned song.  He shared his recording with Rod Stewart, who also fell in love with the song.  A month or so later, Stewart also recorded the song - in the same studio - and beat him to the punch, releasing the song and having a hit with it.  At the time, Seger and Stewart battled with each over - with Rod calling Bob "an old geezer" at one point.

Now, it appears that the old wound is being re-opened.  Seger has recorded a new version, and is releasing it as a single on March 7th.