They start to come out each year around this time. Bears hungry for food. Recently bears have been cited in Poplar, Maple, and Lake Nebagamon. I called a friend from the D.N.R, and here's the advice I was given to discourage bears from being on your property.

Don't feed the animals. Several folks tend to feed the deer, as they too are scrounging for goodies. Remove your bird feeders if you have them up already. The bears will go after the bird seed. Mrs. Rayman and I lost several bird feeders in the past due to hungry bears. Also, garbage bags should not be left out loose, and be sure the lid on your trash cans are not left open. I remember one year, a bear got hold of several cans on our street and there was garbage all over the street one morning.

No matter what we do, we will still have bears roaming around in our neighborhoods, however we can reduce our chances by utilizing the steps outlined by the D.N.R.