Miguel Cabrera has officially won the triple crown. What is great about this, even if you are not a baseball fan, is that only 17 men in baseball have done it. The last one being Carl Yastrzemky.  Here's another reason this is a great accomplishment for him and baseball.

Miguel Cabrera is a struggling alcoholic. He sat out his team's celebration so that they could pour bubbly all over each other, he grabbed his kid and hoisted them up in the air.

Miguel Cabrera batted on the last day. He knew that his competition didn't homer and could have sat out the last game in order to have the best batting average and didn't. He brought up a quote from former great Ted Williams, "The record's no good, unless it's made in all the games."

People spent more time talking about mascots, why they pulled a one of the best pitchers out of the rotation, the Yankees, the Red Sox, and even Tim Tebow more than they talked about his accomplishment.

He is the first Latino baseball player, hailing from Venezuela. So, that puts him with baseball great Roberto Clemente.

Baseball writers are fighting because they don't know whether he deserves the MVP award this year. Let's see, his team won the division by overcoming a huge deficit of games, AND HE WON THE TRIPLE CROWN, THE FIRST MAN TO DO SO IN 45 YEARS.

Um, yes, give it to him. Once you see the man he was and the man he has become. He deserves not only the MVP but the accolades that come with it. I know with all he has been through, he will enjoy it now.