Apps make life so much easier. The problem isn't getting apps, it's which ones suit you best. I have the apps mentioned in this post, and really enjoy them. Try a couple (free) and select the ones that fit you best.

There is nothing in the world that can make the transition from summer into fall smoother than the NFL. Waking up early, purchasing school supplies and suffering colder weather all seem much more palatable now that I have the NFL to ease me back into the school season. To think the NFL was on the road to staying locked out is a scary thought. And with the NFL also comes Fantasy Football, my 18-week obsession (from my fantasy draft through all but one game of the regular season - game 16 isn't included in a fantasy season). So for the mild to hard-core football fans and for the fantasy nuts, here are the apps and sites you absolutely need bookmarked and downloaded to get you through.

1. ESPN ScoreCenter (mobile app - free)

Similar to baseball, I drain my batteries every Sunday and Monday nights on my iPhone checking scores on the ESPN ScoreCenter app. Not only do the scores keep updating, but with fantasy football always on the brain, I can click on any game and see the score, the scoring summary and the yardage leaders on each team. And, I can dig deeper and find out stats on everyone real-time. This is helpful especially since I usually have 2-3 fantasy teams going at once not to mention my favorite team, the 49ers. And, if you can't watch it live, it will send you a text once the 49ers game is over so you know right away how they did (even if sometimes you are afraid to find out).