Good news!!! Many feared that Bentleyville was going to go away or move somewhere remote, you can now rest easy. According to Justin Reis and our partners at the Northland's News Center, Nathan Bentley signed a 3 year extension to keep the light display where it is.

Duluth Mayor Don Ness confirmed the return of the Bentleyville tour of lights, which was in the last year of it's contract with the city. The popular tourist and city hot spot lost a ruling that allowed preachers to be on the land and state their beliefs and looked like it would ruin the light display ever re-signing an extension.

Nathan Bentley had recently expressed concern about two men who won the right to preach their version of the gospel inside the grounds, but it was facebook, and emails from patrons who changed his mind.

"When the community came out and spoke so strongly, with Facebook postings, emails, letter writing—just a wide variety of communication to us—telling us we want Bentleyville. Don't let a handful of people ruin this for us. That made it really clear that this is where Bentleyville belongs," Nathan Bentley, Bentleyville Organizer, told Justin Reis.

Bentley also went on to say, now that he has resigned, he has some new ideas, though he wouldn't say what any of them were.