According to an article in the Huffington Post, Apple is set to purchase Beats Electronics for 3.2 billion. Beats can't loose on this one. First off though, the question is why? Could it be that Apple feels they cannot top the quality of Beats headphones? Not. Beats headphones are very poorly rated, and terribly overpriced. Could it be that Apple need to acquire the loyal members of Beats? Not. Okay, how about Beats streaming? Not. So what's the reason? Could it be that Apple is no longer the innovator, and needs to buy companies in order to keep pace? Could be. I for one think the deal will fall through. Cook couldn't be that desperate. I am a Beats subscriber, and love it. If Apple buys the company, I'd bet they would put the same proprietary restrictions on it as they do all their other products, and I (along with most others) will cancel my subscription. My advice to Dr. Dre, take the money and run before Apple changes it's mind.