Selwyn Birchwood has been called "a shooting star in the blues world," a "blues fireball" and Selwyn is "making waves, surprising people and defying expectations." Having interviewed him, and listening to his first album, 'Don't Call No Ambulance', I agree.

In this interview you'll find out the artist who helped Selwyn "find his path," the artist he saw that "floored him",resulting in his knowing he "had to make this music," the unexpected prize he had always dreamed of owning when he won the 2013 Blues Challenges, and the song that moved The Rayman to tears.

This cat is the real deal, and he's only 29.  Selwyn Birchwood is on Leinenkugel's Stage, performing Saturday, August 9th, 5:20 to 6:20, at the 26th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival.  Order your tickets today, and see who I believe is the fastest rising star in blues...period...Selwyn Birchwood. Ladies, you'll love him, guys, you'll dig him, and don't be surprised when he goes barefoot!

Selwyn Birchwood Band - River Turned Red