In a poll taken recently of Americans by CNBC, 45% of them said they would rather skip Christmas. The reasons were many. Americans still want to gather the families and celebrate, just not in the same way.

For most people it means stress. Like me, what do I get them, what do they want. You know your family well, but do you know them that well that you know what they want.  I have to call and find out what their kids want. So, the first stress for me and other Americans is finding the right gift.

Second, how are you going to pay for it. Most Americans are stretching their credit cards to the limit, taking out loans against their paycheck, different layaway programs.

Some advice that this study gave was, if you use a credit card for Christmas, be able to pay it off in two billing cycles.

This particular poll questioned people who made 50 grand or more showing that Americans are stressed financially from low, middle and higher class incomes.

Then there's the stress that the family is coming over.....ugh