When I started out it talk radio many years ago, I remember listening to the Art bell show Coast To Coast. I became a huge fan, not so much of the paranormal, but of Art Bell. His unique delivery, and his intelligence amazed me. Towards the end of Coast To Coast, he would leave unannounced several times, and I thought perhaps he was ill. Turns out he had some personal issues going on in his life. Finally, these issues became so paramount, he left the show.

Several years later, he returned to talk radio, this time on Sirius. The honeymoon was over quickly (6 weeks to be exact) as he was at odds with Sirius management over the live streaming of his show. Art wanted the streaming, Sirius did not, and now once again the voice of Art Bell is quieted.

Art bell's show Coast to Coast was rated the number one nighttime show in the nation, and it stayed there permanently. His return to radio with Sirius would most certainly have added thousands of subscribers, adding cash to the coffers of Sirius. Had it been myself, I would have wanted Art to run his show the same way Coast to Coast was run, but apparently Sirius did not.

Art Bell does not need radio, it''s the other way around, radio needs Art Bell, and thousands upon thousands of loyal listeners want him back on the air. In my opinion, it looks like Sirius made a mistake . The biggest loser in this whole mess is the listener. Bell doesn't need the money, and he certainly won't tolerate any b.s.,so he's okay.  Sirius got what they wanted so they're okay. All the listener got was the shaft, and that's not okay. In fact it's a darn shame.