Add Bev's Juke Joint to the growing list of business's either shutting down or on the verge. Many stores along Tower Avenue have taken a huge hit because of the shutdown, and it's tough if not impossible to make up that much lost revenue. Bev's Juke Joint could not survive the six month shutdown, and other issues on top of it, so the only option was to close the doors.

Bev's Juke Joint was a cool place for musicians, music lovers, and locals to hang out. Once in awhile we could take in some live music, whether it be a headliner, or someone just starting out, it was all good. Although all types of music were heard at Bev's, Blues was always a favorite, and Bayfront Bluesfest artists would stop by and gig a little. Artists love to do that, and local people and fans appreciated it.

So if a person enjoys music, and lives in Superior, where are they supposed to go? Right now, I don't know. It's my hope that more business's open their doors to live entertainment, and not limit it to primarily younger folk. Ideally, several types of music that cater to all age groups would no doubt be a hit. I understand this isn't Memphis or Nashville, but in my mind, there is no reason Superior cannot compete with, or even beat Duluth's music scene.

I for one will miss Bev's Juke Joint, and if you've been there, you will miss it too.