A while back, I read Rick Springfield's book Late Late Night. It was a decent book, I've read better and worse, but it left me thinking he was a bit of a braggart coupled with a "poor me" attitude. A man who had it all, and who chose to dwell on the negatives in his life, rather than all the positives.That being said, I would still recommend the book to any Springfield or rock n roll lover.

Last weekend I watched a documentary on Rick Springfield titled An Affair of the Heart. I'm glad I took the time to watch it, for it showed me a completely different side of the man. The braggadocio was gone, replaced by humbleness. The poor me attitude was gone, replaced by hope and a one day at a time belief. One huge difference I got in the movie that I didn't catch in the book, was his concern for his fans and his generosity.

The movie is full of on-stage video, as well as footage of his fans complete with interviews as to how Springfield changed their lives through his music, and his kindness towards them. No doubt the years he spent fighting his demons have taken their toll, however he refers to them with a "everyone has a cross to bear" attitude which is so different from years past.

All in all, a fantastic look into one of rocks greatest personalities, and several of his fans. I encourage you to watch at An Affair of the Heart. You can find it on Netflix for free, as I did. It very well may inspire you as it did me. A thoroughly delightful documentary about a man who had it all, and is now giving it back through helping others.