My friend Elizabeth Chan has a dream. To write Christmas songs that people will sing and share for years. That they will become Christmas Classics and her work will live on. She shared a story of the power of music at one of her shows.

Here's her words from, "I used to wonder if artists were ever sick of singing the same song over and over again. The answer is not if they love the song so much. I’ve been on tour for the past week (right now happily tapping keys from the comfort of my sofa) and I realized, I truly love singing “A Christmas Song.”

It certainly hasn’t had the mainstream success that Fa La La has had this year. I know in my heart that this is the song that will outlive me.

I’ve decided to share this clip from yesterdays concert at B95.5′s “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” annual concert supporting Make A Wish Foundation. I was so honored to be apart of this program.

An extraordinary thing happened in the crowd last night. Whilst singing “Try To Have A Merry Christmas,” the song that made me understand I had a calling to write songs that could speak to us in the present — a couple in the crowd were hugging. As I started to reveal the words, a gentleman started to lose his composure and cry. I sang for him to comfort him because I knew he was connecting with me and he needed to hear the words."

Here's the video, thanks to Elizabeth Chan