Ok, here it comes. I don't know if you heard about the hologram of Tupac Shakur that sang with Snoop Dogg on stage, and all the uses that could become of that. Well, New York airports will have a female hologram great all visitors and converse with them.

The holograms will give people automated, basic information to travelers in LaGuardia's Central Terminal Building, Newark Liberty's Terminal B and JFK's Terminal 5. They'll be installed in early July.

The computer-generated customer-service agent will be able to respond verbally when it's asked questions on everything from where the nearest restroom is to where customers should go for a connecting flight.

The virtual worker will be projected on a pane of glass in the figure of a woman. She was designed to improve customer service and more importantly, she doesn't need lunch or bathroom breaks or overtime pay. The machines are being rented on a trial basis for about $180,000 for six months.

This is the first time the technology will be used at an airport in North America. Just another way to put a person out of a job. They could pay 5 people for the price of the one CG Person. The only cool side of this is that big Hollywood stars or musicians could be used.

Here's a funny one with John Mayer.....****Caution, there is language****