As the Super Bowl nears, the teams are now finalizing their plans and bringing their last few staff. There is one person that will not make the trip, and it doesn't sound fair to me that she isn't.

Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz, 23, of Baltimore, Md., has been cheering for five years, but she did not receive an invitation to attend the biggest game of her career. To cheer at the Super Bowl.

She was informed by email that 32 girls were going, and her name was not on the list.  According to ABC news and Eliza Murphy, Courtney said ever since she said this was her last year they have treated her badly. She figured with her 5 years in for service, that it would count to cheer at that game.

An online petition has started and you can help her, Sign The Petition, click here

Courtney says she doesn't think it will help. She has another email telling her to turn in her uniform immediately.

I think this story is a sad one and she deserves to go, so I think it's unfair for someone to make this call. Having said that, it's not the Ravens fault, I think there is someone on the team that has taken a dislike to her. Be that as it may, having put in 5 years should count for something. Good luck Courtney.