We've had plenty of big name rock stars come through Duluth over the years and thanks to YouTube we can look back at some vintage interviews done on local TV News and even a cable access show, check out our top 5 after the jump.

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    Lou Gramm and Mick Jones from Foreigner

    From 1993 Barbara Reyelts had a chance to talk with Lou and Mick from Foreigner. I love that Lou calls her out for calling him Lou Grant, funny stuff.

  • 2

    Ted Nugent

    The man they call "Terrible Ted," "The Nuge," "The Whackmaster" and "Motor City Madman", of course I'm talking about Ted Nugent visited Duluth in 1992 with the Damn Yankees, but in this interview he's talking about his other passion, bow hunting.

  • 3

    Rick Savage from Def Leppard

    I'm not sure who did this interview but we get a rare interview with Rick Savage, the bass player from Def Leppard. They were in town supporting the 1992 album "Adrenalize"

  • 4

    James "JY" Young from Styx

    Again, not sure who did this interview, but it comes from YouTube user 'speedking', in it we get to hear James Young talking about some history of Styx and more.

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    Kevin DuBrow from Quiet Riot

    This interview comes from the local cable access show "The Average Guys", they got to talk to the late Kevin DeBrow from Quiet Riot in 1999 when the band was at the old Tap Room at Fitgers. Part I is below, part II can be found here.